Getting Started:

A great book to start learning to finger pick is A Modern Approach To Classical Guitar by Charles Duncan, Volumes 1-3 comb bound with CDs on Amazon for about $20.
Classical Guitar Lessons

Play Your Own Music:

A great book to learn to play your own music is Improvise For Real by David Reed for about $30. Online video lessons are also available.
Improvise For Real

Wide Neck Electric Guitars:

Finger picking 2 inch neck acoustic guitars is simply much easier than finger picking 1.5 inch neck electric guitars. Louis Carrol makes it possible for you to have the best of both worlds with his wide neck electric guitars and bolt on wide necks for existing bolt neck guitars! His website is
Wide Neck Guitars

MusiGraph 100 Slide Rule

This handy music slide rule does all kinds of neat things with key signatures, transposing, intervals, tones, modes, harmonizing, chords, and more. It comes with instructions. Limited availability. Look for it on eBay.
MusiGraph Slide Rule

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