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Purchase Notes:


Picks are sizable. All measurements refer to the width across the knuckle at the fingertip or thumbtip.

Finger Picks:

Thumb Picks:


Butterfly Finger Picks ® are made from tarnish resistant copper in three colors--Gold, Silver, and Copper. The most popular color is gold, then silver, and then copper. Copper is slightly softer than the gold and silver colors in feel, sound, and durability.

Coating:Coated Thumb Pick

The coating option is a very strong and very expensive clear plastic put on the metal pick playing surface that produces a quieter sound. Most guitars sound great without coating, but some are so resonant you can really hear the friction noise between metal picks and wound metal strings, particularly on the low E string. If your guitar has this trouble with metal picks, you should consider purchasing at least a coated thumb pick. The image at right is a set of coated picks. You can see the coating on the pick playing surfaces (right side).


Most people receive their picks in the USA within five days of shipping and ten days in Canada. For international shipping outside the USA and Canada, delivery time is 2-4 weeks. For buyers located in unusual destinations delivery time is 4-6 weeks. For the Russian Federation, delivery time is 6-8 weeks. For international shipments, monitor tracking and contact your customs office for pickup instructions if they hold your package without contacting you.

Due to import duty issues, orders will be shipped separately if purchased separately.

As the inventor, I hand make original and genuine Butterfly Finger Picks® usually over each weekend as a courtesy to customers who want them rather than leave customers no way to obtain Butterfly Finger Picks. You will receive a tracking number by email about a day before your order actually ships.

Getting Started:

If you are just getting started finger picking and aren't sure which picks to start with, buy three finger picks and a thumb pick. Most people never pick with the fourth finger. Check the Links page for more resources.

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