Butterfly Finger Picks ® - Beautiful Sound For Guitars And Other String Instruments

Man playing guitar with Butterfly Finger Picks
  • Your playing sounds better
  • Your guitar sounds better
  • You can play with more volume
  • Picks don't squeeze your fingers
  • Play comfortably for hours
  • Play without long finger nails
  • Play in natural finger position
  • Play in natural thumb position
  • Pick smoothly on the strings
  • Feel the strings while playing
  • Protect your skin and nails while playing
  • Leave on while adjusting guitar, music, etc.
  • For acoustic and electric strings
  • Are pretty on your hand
  • Are easy to use
  • Are sizable

These are the original Butterfly Finger Picks I invented and used to make in the United States. Please be aware that other picks being sold as Butterfly Finger Picks are not the same, and will not give you the same fit and performance these do.

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