Greetings I got my picks, and they are amazing! I had stopped playing classical guitar because trying to keep my nails in shape was such a hassle (especially since they kept breaking). I am loving playing it again! I really like the feel and the sound I get with these picks - and it didn't take much to adjust them and get used to playing with them. Thanks!!!

Colin (Ontario, Canada)

I've been using you picks for a number of years folks and they really strike a wonderful compromise between projection, tone and practicality. I set up my own instruments, cut my slides, saddles and nuts and nothing comes close to what you have achieved for fingerstyle players who place the natural tone of their instrument at the fore.

Dermot (UK)

Just finished up father and son practice session the subject was John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads and Jim Croce's Operator where my son plays the solo lead part and he is very happy to use your BFFP and me also. We, me and my son (10 years old) now using BFFP, in one word GREAT. Hope more future success to your product.

Ibrahim and Ismail (Bangladesh)

Butterfly Picks are the greatest innovation in fingerpicks that I have seen in 50 years of playing. They produce a huge, warm, articulate sound and allow the player to feel the string for tactile feedback. Consistency, a common problem for fingerpicks, is absolutely perfect from pick to pick and attention to detail, precision and use of cutting edge materials makes these innovative picks a real pleasure to use. A rare life changing product! The knockoffs of these picks offer no comparison sonically or physically - these originals are precision made by a craftsman who really hears the difference.

Bruce (New Mexico, USA)

Thank you, warp speed delivery to Yew Kay, I had to duck as item shot thru letterbox :) Fantastic finger picks, the sound on string is AWESOME. Butterfly Picks Rule.

Brian (UK)

I followed the fitting instructions on the web and there was no problem at all. Now I am enjoying playing the lap steel guitar and at times I do tend to forget I have the fingerpicks on whilst going about with my other business.

Ian (Singapore)

A few years ago I had an accident on hand and only with these rings can again play the guitar - my love. Rings not press anywhere and can be easily adapted to the shape of each finger. I am very pleased with them from first use.

Ladislav (Czech Republic)

I have figured these things out and they are AMAZING. I simply had to adjust my playing style a bit to get the right angle of attack on the strings and WOW!...what a difference! They simply RING! I love it. Great idea and product.


Buck (Idaho, USA)

Finally, after 30 years of playing with fingerpicks, I found Butterfly picks.

I've tried all of the standard picks and quite a few exotic mail-order-only types, and your product is the first that works 'straight out of the box'.

My only real criticism is that these were not available 30 years ago!

George (Fulda, Germany)

These picks are great! I play lead guitar, pedal steel guitar and fiddle for a country band (I can even hold my bow with these on).

I never could get the feel for the regular finger picks and was using glue on nails. I even went as far as making my own glue on picks out of regular guitar picks.

I saw these picks by chance while I was doing an ebay search and purchased a set. It was one of the best additions to my gear I have ever made.

They are easy to adjust and I was able to play a gig in them the first night I had them.

Thanks for a great product!

Wayne (Ohio, USA)

I want to let you know that I let my husband try my butterfly picks and he fell in love with them right away!!!

Not kidding...then he wanted me to order the 3 pick set for spares and then I had to order another pair for myself.

Thank you for a great product....I cannot pick with the traditional style picks, so the Butterfly picks are an answer to a prayer....they feel so natural...just like the way I usually finger pick but with added volume.

Thanks for a great product.

Cindy (Kansas, USA)

First off, I want to tell you that I really like your picks.

I'm a fingerstyle player who has just grown, and polished my nails for the longest time, hoping against hope that they didn't break when I needed them.

I've tried all the other picks. They all have their good points, but no one has been able to really give me what I need, that tactile touch of the pad on my fingertip to really play right.

I've played for 50 years, trying the first twenty to make a living at it, and we all know how hard that is. I'm semi retired, and want to get back playing, since I don't need it to make a living, just enough to keep me from making French fries, or handing out carts at the big box stores.

You are the first person who has been able to 'solve' my thumb problem going from bare fingers to picks. I play with the very edge of my thumbnail, and the regular butterfly is the best pick I've ever found for having a good connection with the string.

The coated thumb pick is really great. It just really quiets down the string noise.

Your idea is absolutely fantastic! I want to see these picks everywhere I go. I'm showing these to every player I know. The butterfly picks are the best.

Dale (Ohio, USA)

I have been familiarizing myself with the picks in the past two days after I knock off from work. What I have to say about the picks is that they are so so.... amazing! I must mention that, the first time I used them they felt awkward, unusual but comfortable. My hands slid a number of times. However, it's like the more I played the more I got accustomed to the picks.

Comfortable and beautiful: Once I got accustomed, I realized how comfortable they are. It is like just playing the guitar with fingers only. I do not have to change the position of my hand to play. Plus they really look good on me. They are so beautiful and lovely.

Beautiful rich tone: My guitar (Washburn AC and Breedlove AC/EL) sound has totally been transformed. The tone is warm, rich and calm. It is settling. It's like wearing a very nice, warm, a freshness of clarity, subtle yet invigorating perfume on a warm summer day. It is so sweet to the ear. The produced tone blends very well with my voice. I love it. The easy glide on the strings makes the tone smooth and well defined.

I have tried to use the conventional picks but do not like them because of their placement. Moreover, I like my nails short, so keeping long nails was never an alternative. Therefore, butterfly picks are perfect for me. They leave me with a wow factor each time I play.

Simply Amazing!

Tiszah (Zambia, Africa)

Jim Sharon (Texas, USA) Thank you Jim for putting this really nice introductory video together! Jim has done some really neat things with GarageBand. To access his videos on YouTube, click here.

My 6's, both acoustics and electric never sounded so good. I like the way the picks kind of "Glide" across the strings. Such precise control with your design. No harsh twangy standard finger pick sound.

They sound especially nice when a standard backward strum from 1st string down is performed with the finger picks as well as any arpeggio forward with the thumb or backward with the fingers, especially on the 12 strings.

Trying to hit a particular string set on the 12 is a learning experience but it can be done. What does sound nice on the 12's is playing in string groups like you would with "Intermittent" strumming with a flat pick.

I am so very pleased. After playing for over 45 years and going through all manner of finger picks this is really a treat for me. Even recording at the studio sounds so much better. You've made my long time friend and engineer very happy.

Bob (Pennsylvania, USA)

After years of frustrating experiments with different types of finger picks, yours are exactly what I always looked for. I had never heard of them before and I got them on Google by mere accident. Such an amazingly simple concept. They work wonderfully. Joaquim (Ontario, Canada)

I received the coated butterfly fingerpicks. It was a little weird at first to use the butterfly fingerpicks, and my fingers fumbled around for a minute or two.

Once my fingers became reoriented to the strings, however, I was immediately impressed at how distinctly soft the picks sounded; kind of like the guitar instrumentals one hears that only the professionals are able to achieve.

It was somewhat of a leap of faith when I bought the fingerpicks, but I'm glad that I did.

Michael (Missouri, USA)

Amazingly, these are the first finger picks that I have actually found comfortable to use!

When I first came across the Butterfly Finger Picks, I couldn't believe that something that looked so simple could work, but I was amazed how easy they were to use straight away. They are really really comfortable!

The way they are constructed means that you can really shape them around your fingers to get a nice tight grip and once fitted properly, they stay that way and do not slip off your fingers.

When playing, I found that they make a nice warm, full tone and glide off the strings effortlessly. They feel really natural.

Tina (Bristol, UK)

Thank you Tina for a very nice feature article about Butterfly Finger Picks on your very large guitar pick collection website. Tina has also developed her own guitar pick that you can see on her website too. Tina's website is at:


Hi, Just got the picks, Great! I've tried every pick out there and finally found what I've been searching for!

I play Mt. Dulcimer, 3 and 4 string Cigar Box Guitar, Weissenborn, Autoharp and Guitar and the picks are incredible on all the instruments. I also perform a solo gig most every weekend on these instruments, doing a show mainly focused on traditional American instruments, while offering a sample of old and contemporary sounds from them.

To feel the strings with the fingertips and at the same time the new ability to bring out all the true tone, ie., the highs and mids that bare fingertips diminish, is a totally new experience. I'm liking them more and more, minute by minute.

Frank (Tennessee, USA)

I am writing to say that so far I am very pleased with the new style of finger picks that you have developed.

I ordered a set of the gold colored ones and received them today. They were easy and quick to adjust, and I found them VERY easy to get accustomed to. I play both steel string guitar and classical, and until now I've never used picks. I have always used bare fingers and nails. There is an intimacy that one develops with the guitar by using one's fingers that seems to become lost when playing with picks. It's rather like stroking a lover's cheek wearing work gloves.

I have tried to use conventional style solid finger picks, but found them too loud and harsh for most of the pieces I play. The Butterfly picks give a soft, mellow sound while providing the same control that one has with bare fingers, allowing the fingertips to touch the strings for more accurate positioning than conventional solid finger picks provide. Transitioning from playing with bare fingers to using the Butterfly finger picks is very easy. The picks are also much more comfortable than solid steel or plastic picks.

The reason I ordered the Butterfly finger picks is because of occasional damage to my nails while at work or doing maintenance or repairs on my vehicle. I am a machinery fabricator. I work with steel all day, every day. In making and fitting the various machinery parts, I sometimes accidentally nick the ends of my fingernails, causing chipping, tearing, or breaking of one or more nails. Chipping and tearing are also a problem when doing maintenance or repairs to my vehicle. When chipping or tearing occurs, I usually have to trim my nails too short to use when playing guitar. I needed picks that would allow me to feel the strings and have better control of my playing. The Butterfly finger picks are just the ticket!

Thank you for your insight and ingenuity, and for developing a super product.

Sincerely yours,

Al (Tennessee, USA)

The picks arrived and they are perfect for my husband's fingers. When he plays I love the sound the strings make. So clean and smooth. Jean (Quebec, Canada)

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